Call For Papers

Bio Energy and Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

We accepted papers, for oral or poster presentations in major areas of Bio Energy and other aspects of Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture. Conference language is English. All accepted papers will be submitted and published on E3S Web of Conferences, as International Proceeding indexed by SCOPUS and SCIMAGO. All papers will be evaluated through double blind peer reviewing process. Selected top papers will be considered to be sent to Journal of Malaysian Applied Biology (MAB) and The International Journal of Renewable Energy Development (IJRED) indexed by SCOPUS and SCIMAGO.

All papers related to the following main topics will be addressed at this  conference, but not limited to:

Bio Energy

This subtopics will cover all broads of research related to bioenergy:

Biomass Biogas Biofuels Energy Plant
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Rural Development Advanced Energy
Technologies (Energy Efficiency, Energy Markets, Energy Policy, Economics, Planning and Regulation)
Other renewable energy
related subtopics

Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

This subtopics will cover innovation in research and technology related to sustainability of agriculture and forestry system:

Animal Science
(Biotechnology, Breeding, Feed and Nutrition, Veterinary)
Plant Science
(Biotechnology, Breeding, Agro-Technology,
Pest and Disease, Soil Sciences)
(Aquaculture, Marine and Coastal Management)
(Conservation, Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation, Silviculture)
Food Science and Technology
(Food Chemistry, Food Engineering and Nanotechnology, Food Microbiology and Safety, Nutrition, Integrated Food Science)
Agribusiness and Socio-economics
Eco-design and Eco-efficiency Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation Efficient Use of Resources
Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Policy, Economics, Planning and Regulation Environmental Pollution and Pollution Control